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  • CHURCH OF THE HL. Mother OF KARMEL, an important monument of the baroque architecture with tasty expression, very harmoniously in the surroundings. She/it was built 1751 from gratitude over the victory over the Turks, and often is mentioned as church of the HL. MOTHER OF THE VICTORY kirche-der-mutter-von-karmel-brela.jpg
  • CHURCH OF THE HL. NIKOLAUS' 527 m., from the time before the Turk-reign, very valuable medieval monument. Already since centuries a community-church with graveyard.
  • CHURCH OF THE HL. MOTHER of THE CONVALESCENCE, 18 centuries, with rustic forms of the Dalmatian baroque, characteristically for the Dalmatian hinterland. Harmonic adaptation to the surroundings.
  • CHURCH OF THE HL. ILIJA, 18. Century. a simple church with the descriptions of the rustic architecture.
  • TOMBSTONE. on the South-side of the church of the hl. Stjepan (14). . 15. Century, from particular cultural meaning.
  • COMPLEX THE FILIPOVIC house, first inhabitants in old Soline. important for unit of the rustic architecture with high monument-values and important for the surroundings.
  • BEKAVCI IN THE COMPLEX of THE KRICAK VILLAGE, with antologischen's architectural descriptions. Valuable example of the plebeian architecture.
  • CHURCH OF THE HL. STJEPAN (1897), modern church with big cultural meaning. Hl. Stjepan is the protector of Brela.
  • Ruins of the Herceg-Turms (a tower to the defense against the Turks) are on the mountain Biokovo, over Brela.
  • Ruin of the fortress duke of the place
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